World Cup Eleven
On popular demand, here is an encore on the funny tweets on ICC World Cup 2011 Finals,ย in Shiv’s Sixth Sense. Presenting the final eleven ๐Ÿ˜‰

Just saw a SL fella drinking tea out of a saucer. He said “The Indians took the cup” (by @sachi_tom)

MS Dhoni. First time an MS product has delivered without crashing. Ever. (by @mojorojo)

IIMs will induct the #WC11 victory in their curricula. Arindam will dare to think beyond and induct Poonam Pandey (by @Roflindian)

Sree’s dad: India won, but still i’m proud of my son! Someone: matlab? Dad: He tried his best 2 save ‘Indian Culture’..! #PoonamPandey (by @IamAmbrishious)

Sure enough, after the victory: ๐Ÿ™‚ (by @maheshmurthy)

I’m betting Sanga is secretly happy India won. So that nobody will make a huge issue of the toss (by @kalsnats)

We have come a long way: didn’t need help from God (Sachin) or Monkeys (Sreesanth, Chawla) to beat the Lankans last night (by @_PGN)

Ramayan: Bala Kand, Ayodhya Kand, Aranya Kand, Kishkinda Kand, Sundara Kand, Yuddha Kand, Uttara Kand, and finally Jhar Kand (by @diogeneb)

It takes a delhiwala’s duck to win a world cup final; in 83 it was Kirti Azad, in #wc11 its viru sehwag LOL (by @shuvankr)

Unhoni ko honi karde, honi ko unhoni.. Ek jaga jab jama ho teeno.. Gajni, Rajni and Dhoni (by @RenisaUdhas)

Conversation after 20 years: Once Rajini went to watch cricket and India won the World Cup (by @SeeThruHasimEye)