Heart-tweet of India through World Cup Semi Finals

As India batted in World Cup Semi Finals against Pakistan, the tweets were a pleasure to read. Here is a sample, on the eve of Finals Match!

Pre-match & Early-stage-of-the-match focused on Indo-Pak diplomatic relations:

Playing Ashish Nehra in the match is a Confidence-Building Measure for future foreign
secretary level talks (by @SachinKalbag)

Dear Misbah Ul Haq : Thanku 4 dropping Sachin’s catch.This will take the Indo-Pak peace process forward (by @jhunjhunwala)

While Sehwag didn’t blink before asking for UDRS, but got out; Sachin consulted Gambhir and the review showed him not-out! That triggered this tweet:

what if Gambhir had advised SRT not to take the review. He wud have become the new Nehra (by @_fakeiplplayer)

Most of the tweets that followed focused on Tendulkar’s many lives and Pakistan’s drops:

So Tendulkar is now 47 for 4; India 73 for 1 (by @saliltripathi)

Somewhere Sachin’s mother must be singing, “tum jiyo hajaaro ball…” (by @NagPingili)

Match is fixed by both sides! sachin wants to throw the wicket but no pak fielder wants to catch (by @sgurujee)

Pakistan should acquire dropbox. Tremendous syncing opportunities. :p (by manuscrypts)

Notwithstanding all those lives, Sachin is God for many! This is what they tweeted:

Can’t stop his 4s, Can’t hold his Catches, Can’t get him out, don’t they know God is invincible (by @TusharG)

Guys Stop praying. u r distracting GOD, let him play in peace… (by @JoyAndLife)

Not a single person is blaming Sachin for being stupid with those shots. Maybe this is what godliness is all about (by @Shakti_Shetty)

god is testing us all today.. he wants us to have strong hearts..!! (by @adived)

India’s middle order collapse led to these tweets:

If India’s run rate is plotted on a graph, any cardiac specialist seeing it would call for a
bypass (by @prempanicker)

When was the last time Dhoni batted the way he does in the ads? (By @greatbong)

Dear Dhoni- You deserve to be OUT. Put Reebok Shoes and run back to the pavilion. Watch replay on Sony Bravia & phone wife on Aircel (by @jhunjhunwala)

If only sehwag got one life (by @bpraneeth)

Match started like a Rajnikant film with Sehwag,Then turned into an Abhishek Bachchan,now collapsing like Uday Chopra film Climax (by @jhunjhunwala)

In the end Raina steadied the innings, bringing some life and poetry into Twitter:

Raina tu ….Rehna tu hai jaisa tu, Thoda sa dard tu, thoda sukoon, Rehna tu hai jaisa tu, Dheema dheema jhonkha, Ya fir junoon, (by @Soma_G)

India’s score of 260 was well short of crowd expectations, and this is what we heard at the end of the innings:

All those who bunked office to watch this, serves u right!!! (By @_fakeiplplayer)