Importance of Timing

Today morning I received an SMS from my daughter:

Cricket has reached exciting levels after T20 was introduced. Infusing the same ideas into exams, here are some suggestions for creating excitement among students…

1. Reduce exam duration to one hour and marks to 20.

2. Introduce strategic break after each 30 mins.

3. Give free hit, ie a chance for students to frame their own questions and write answers.

4. First 15 minutes should be Power Play i.e. no invigilator in the exam hall.

5. Introduce fair play awards, just in case there are old school kids!

Talk about bad timing in messaging! I could respond:

The new excitement in Cricket is India becoming Number One in “Test Cricket” 😉 Now ROFLOL :))

Poor thing. Learnt a lesson or two on “timing”, that’s so important in Cricket!

PS: For those who may read this many days later – Today India won the Cricket Series over Sri Lanka and became Number One in ICC Rankings